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Welcome to the Zero Waste Project Blog

I’m Gaby and since May 2016 I have been looking for the goal of “Zero Waste” To begin with, I have to confess that when I heard the term “Zero Waste” I thought it was something utopian: garbage is everywhere. It is natural. So when I started the Zero Waste Project and convinced my family to join, we all (including myself) thought it would be simply impossible.

proyecto cero basura

Almost 4 years have passed since we started this project and this way of life gives me great satisfaction and enthusiasm. I am very happy because I know that in some way I am changing the world by changing myself. Also, since I started this project my vision of garbage (and especially of industrial processes) has changed a lot: Why does everything have to be packed? Why do we have to change cell phones, cars, shoes, just because fashion dictates? Where does the almost kilo and a half of garbage that we Mexico capital produce per day go? Why do they always give you a plastic bag? I discovered that there are alternatives, and above all that the problem of garbage is not in the garbage.

The problem of garbage begins much earlier, due to our way of consumption. We are immersed in a false story that we have been told, including the idea that by buying more and more we will be happier, and that that is the only way.

Thanks to the Zero waste movement I now live much happier, since I know that I am doing my bit, to be the change I want to see in the world. 

 A little more about me

I have always been very interested in protecting the environment. My parents were very environmentalists and that was a key point in awakening in me the concern to take care of the planet. I decided to dedicate my life and career to protect our beautiful planet Earth, so I studied Environmental Sciences and a specialty in Ecological Economics at UNAM in México and a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development at the University of Leipzig in Germany. I have worked in the field of International Cooperation and Waste Management. I love Environmental Education and I have also given workshops in institutes in Austria, Serbia, and Croatia. I am a world explorer and I love getting to know different cultures and spaces.

I consider that these experiences were key to understanding that the environmental problem must be resolved urgently, and that those issues are linked to a form of global social inequity. Environmental awareness is the topic that I am most passionate about in life. I am sure that if people knew closely all the damage that our consumerist and ego-based lifestyle causes, everything would change.

I am certain that unless we citizens begin to take action and protect our planet, things will not improve. I have the idea that we should stop waiting for solutions to come from outside, and start changing the world, starting with ourselves.

Finally Proyecto Cero Basura represents my passion and my journey for a healthier, more prosperous, more equitable and trash-free world. 

I invite you to join the Challenge!