Climate Emergency

Let’s talk about the Climate Emergency. If you have joined the Challenge for the Earth and you are working on reducing your rubbish, then I consider that you are a very responsible person with the environment, you are interested in caring for our planet, and you care about other species.

I would like to tell you that the Challenge for the Earth also includes your joining the Climate Protection movements. Together, working with our heads and hearts, we can stop the climate crisis and build a prosperous future for generations to come. On the first place, I need you to understand that the science behind the climate emergency has been crystal clear for decades, and thanks to the work of many environmental organizations a global movement is emerging aiming at stopping this climate crisis. 

The Science behind the Climate Change is crystal clear

The work of many environmental organizations has generated a worldwide movement that is gaining solve the climate issue. If you are interested to know more, here I tell you a bit of the most significant work of organizations that have managed to create a wonderful global movement of people working for the care of the planet and climate protection.

You can also join the movements of Climate Protection

How to know the level of emissions?

Thanks to the work of the organization, the science behind Climate Change has been popularized to the public. To stabilize the climate, our atmosphere must be kept below 350 parts per million of Carbon dioxide. This is the figure agreed by climate scientists. This movement has been led by environmentalist Bill McKibben.

What can we do to stop Climate Change?


Join the Fridays for the Future movement! The movement started by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg is probably the most relevant movement of our time. Greta gives a voice to an entire generation that wants a more prosperous, just and equitable future for all. Her voice is essential so that the issue of Climate Change is finally being heard by political leaders around the world. Greta’s work is admirable, consistent and effective.


Research, read and join the Fridays for the Future!  

Many people have joined the European Fashion to Avoid Flying. People who are interested in climate protection are minimizing their flights. The most committed groups in Europe have decided not to fly for ethical reasons and prefer to protect the planet before getting on a plane. They prefer to travel on trains, or on bicycles or other types of vehicles. I invite you to join your organization in minimizing flights to protect the Climate.


Use Zoom, Google Hang Outs or Skype and accustom your organization to virtual meetings.