¿Cómo hago la Composta?

My experience with Compost In my personal experience living in an apartment in Mexico City I was not able to compost properly.

With all the hustle and bustle of work and other activities it didn’t work out for me. I tried to make it with Californian red worm, but it was always full of flies, and it took me a long time to maintain it.

Unfortunately, my worms passed away: cry: I felt very responsible for their death and that is why I recommend to people that before acquiring them they have the certainty that they will have the time and commitment to take care of them. They are living beings and require attention and care (especially if you live in a place without a garden).

I have heard experiences where people compost properly with worms, other bacteria, and compost bins. Perhaps because they have a garden and adequate time to care for their compost. In my case it was not like that. Government Compost Programs

From my point of view, it is best if government programs take care of composting at a larger level, with the necessary care and with skilled workers to do it. In fact, this is what happens in Mexico City, where the Composting Program of San Juan de Aragón was implemented and it works very well. Urban Gardens You can also join with your neighbors to start an Urban Garden project.

There are very successful cases of community composting. In addition, you also live with your neighbors and meet more people with similar ideals. For example, in Mexico City there is the Huerto Roma Verde and there is also the Tlacoache Fantasía project at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In addition, these projects are good parents because we grow our own food and take care of the planet without using agrochemicals or pesticides. And we became independent from the industrial food system.

In conclusion I believe that this experience I had of trying to compost and failing shows once again that we need political involvement to properly influence and create a healthier planet.

Alone from our homes we will not be able to achieve the changes that our planet needs. That is why I encourage you to use this effort to make an individual Compost to get involved in the decision-making of your neighborhood or community, go out to form a community with your neighbors or promote an urban garden in your University or School, instead try to compost indoors (particularly if you don’t have a garden).

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