Zero Waste Personal Care


Here I share my minimalist and zero waste personal care routine. I have been experimenting to make my own cosmetics and in this way reduce my exposure to toxic chemicals found in conventional makeup products. Many of them are tested on animals, that is why we must be very attentive to what we buy. Some experiments worked and others not so much. One unsuccessful experiment was the beet blush.

I believe that these experiences of failed experiments show that that energy must have been much better used in activism to promote legislation that prohibits the entry of toxins into products from the beginning and thereby benefit all people, and not just those who we are doing the challenge of not generating garbage

Here I share my minimalist personal beauty routine:
aceite de coco desmaquillante para cuidado personal

Make-up remover

I loved buying the two-phase makeup remover. I changed it for simple coconut oil. I’ve also been experimenting and a recipe that gives you a biphasic-like texture is to simply combine olive oil with water. You can put a few drops of essential oil of your choice to make it smell super rich.



I’m still using the coconut oil baking soda toothpaste recipe. It’s super simple: I just put two tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. You can find the recipe here. A basic of a personal zero waste routine.

Cuidado personal sin basura

Homemade body cream

You can make your own body butter at home. In this way you avoid all the packaging and plastic that come in commercial creams, and you also prevent your body from being exposed to harmful chemicals found in commercial creams and moisturizers. As I have tried to simplify my routine so that I can have time to do more activism due to the climate crisis, I now use only coconut oil and it leaves my skin super moisturized and smelling delicious.

Mi desodorante ecológico minimalista


I’ve been experimenting with a thousand deodorants. Since I love the minimalist life and having more time to do climate activism, instead of getting so much trouble with thousands of recipes, I decided to simply use the ingredient that really is an antibacterial: essential oil of tea tree. I just combined it with water in a spray bottle and that’s it.