¿Sólo es un estilo de Vida?

Is it just a lifestyle? Zero Waste is much more than just a lifestyle, the Zero Waste movement is an international movement that seeks to change the way we relate to resources, the way we produce waste as a society and the way in which we generate garbage. 

Your lifestyle can be Zero Waste. You can adopt all the excellent practices of the Zero Waste Lifestyle (Zero Waste) and start eating healthier, reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals found in conventional products, make your own products and all the benefits associated with this wonderful lifestyle. 

 Your city can be a Zero Waste city. Your city can join the goal of letting produce garbage. In fact, this is exactly what is happening in various cities around the world. We can aspire to become a garbage-free city with a circular economy where nothing goes to waste. 

Exemplary cities are Cappanori in Italy, Cheran in Mexico and San Francisco in the United States. We can be very ambitious and dream big, dream in a world without Trash. But for this we need a lot of action. We need to influence public policies in our countries in order to achieve this. We need our leaders to have clear goals with respect to waste management, to be aware of the issue and above all to act to ensure the collective interests. It is time for us to collectively get involved in ensuring that our decision makers have clear goals regarding waste management. We have little time due to Climate Change.

You must be the change that you wish to see in the world