What do I do with my pet waste?

There is no perfect disposal method for your pet’s waste. In this post I would like to share with you more sustainable options so that you can dispose of your pet’s waste more responsibly. It is much better that you do it this way. There really is a sanitary problem regarding the final disposal of dog and cat waste in the country. If they are deposited in a sanitary landfill or landfill, they contribute substantially to the generation of methane, a gas 28 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, which is the cause of the climate crisis. In addition, said residues also contaminate compost destined for urban and food gardens. As I mentioned, there is no perfect disposal method for your dog’s waste, but here are a few tips.

1. Bury them

You can bury them in your garden or in a green area, but also keep in mind that this is only feasible if you live in an area that is not so densely populated. Burying them in very dense urban areas could cause a major health problem. Solutions to environmental problems are complex.

2. Compost them

If you have space in your garden, you can make an exclusive compost with the waste. You can use different methods such as bacteria, California red worms, among many others. This compost cannot be used for urban gardens, only for gardening or ornamental plants. I do not have an exact guide on how to do it but you can do it according to your pocket and possibilities.

3. Throw it into the WC

Your pet’s waste can be processed in a wastewater treatment plant, just like human waste, since it is also organic matter. Just try not to waste a lot of water, you can use the one in the shower, please avoid using clean water to send your dog’s feces to the toilet.

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