What do I do with what I can not recycle?

If it cant be recycled, reduced or composted then it should be removed from production on the first place

If you have taken something to recycle and it has not been possible or it has been discarded and you do not know what its final destination will be. I ask you to help me create a digital laboratory to encourage those companies that are producing it to stop producing it.


Styrofoam is a material that leaches toxins into our environment, both in its production and in its final disposal. Although there are initiatives to moderate its consumption, it would be best not to produce it from the beginning. Lately I have seen a trend in Mexico to put only an artificial colorant to Styrofoam, in order to make it appear biodegradable. This is the pinnacle of GreenWashing and that happens because there is no legislation on this issue. That is why the government also needs to participate by creating laws that protect ci

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Plastic waste without numbers

Any container that does not have a number indicating what plastic it refers to cannot be recycled. Containers need to specify what plastic they are made of. Pay attention to the number that comes on the container and that it specifies what type of plastic it refers to.

Chips Wraps

Chip wrappers cannot be recycled. We need the companies that produce them to improve their design. And begin to innovate your packaging and offer us products in packaging that can be recycled.

Toothpaste tubes

Toothpaste tubes cannot be recycled. We need companies to improve their design. It would be great if they start offering us innovative solutions such as toothpaste in glass containers. 


Plastic lighters.

Los encendedores son uno de los desechos que no se pueden reciclar. Necesitamos mejorar el diseño. O mejor dejar de adquirirlos y adquirir un encendedor de esos antiguos y cuidarlo mucho. 

Cookie wraps

The cookies wraps can not be recycled. Try to avoid them and support schemes to manufacturate it with more environmental friendly materials. 

Plastic and other material waste.

Unfortunately, the list of what cannot be recycled is very long. Among them are coffee capsules, cotton swabs, plastic adhesive tapes, band-aids, cigarette butts, disposable rakes, in short. The Zero Waste Europe organization just launched a materials research center so that you can identify those that cannot be recycled. You can know more about The People’s Design Lab – Zero Waste Europe