What material is sustainable?

What material is sustainable? There are a wide variety of materials with which we interact in our daily lives. I believe that it is Key that we be attentive to the materials that we acquire every day. Particularly if you are going to join the Earth Challenge and consider purchasing new items, it is important that you purchase sustainable materials.

Sustainable Materials

La madera es un material sustentable


Natural Fibers

Choose natural fibers for you to make your bags, buy clothes or buy another product. Natural fibers can be cotton, luffas or grass, hemp, henequen, coconut fiber, etc. They are all those whose origin is in plants.

Cuando reutilizamos el vidrio se vuelve un material sustentable



Unsustainable Materials

El unicel es tóxico

Sintetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers are all those derived from petroleum. Don’t buy clothes made with synthetic fibers. Said fibers are, for example, nylon and those derived from PET. They cannot get recycled and above all there is a huge global public health problem associated with their use. With each wash, they give off small fragments (called microfibers) that absorb toxins, cannot be filtered by the treatment plants and end up being consumed by fish and then return to us, hyper loaded with DTT and other contaminants. To learn more, check the Story of Stuff website. Say no to synthetic fibers