Where do I get everything?

Where do I get everything? It is the first thing that comes to mind when we begin this Challenge for the Planet. You don’t really need much. You can shop your home first. Probably in your house, you already have an aluminum bottle, cloth bags, containers, etc. Also, wait until you finish the products you already have before purchasing their packaged versions. You don’t need much to adopt this lifestyle. 

Is better to be minimalist than 100% zero waste

Before being zero waste, it is better to be minimalist, that is, it is better for the environment lives with less and happier, that focusing on being 100% zero waste and buy unnecessary accessories to perfect this lifestyle.

You are always going to leave a mark, you cannot live without garbage on an individual level, I know firsthand. Instead, focus on minimalism. Less is more.


The Most Sustainable Product is the one That Already Exists

You can check the Guide to Buy Something, and the Sustainable Materials Guide. In this section I share a Directory of Bulk Stores in Mexico and a minimalist store where you can buy what you really need to adopt the zero waste lifestyle.

tienda a granel

Directory of Bulk Stores in Mexico

On this page I share a directory of stores specialized in the sale of food in bulk and without garbage in Mexico. I love these types of ventures that are concerned with making life easier for those of us who are doing this Challenge for Earth.

Los mercados locales te ofrecen alternativas Cero Basura

Farmers Markets

In Mexico we are fortunate to have local markets. Local markets offer us a lot of fresh and bulk food. I have found pasta, spices, a great variety of foods. I invite you to visit your local market and support small local producers and merchants. In this way, we also strengthen our regional economy and create a more equitable world.

comprar a granel

The bulk area in supermarkets.

In supermarkets you can also find bulk products such as nuts, cereals, seeds, chili peppers, soy, among many other products. I recommend that you buy food in this format since this way you contribute to a greater demand for all supermarkets to have an area like this.


Tianguis or markets on wheels

In Mexico there are so-called Tianguis or Markets on Wheels.  In these markets, which are generally located in a park or public square, you can find bulk products near where you live.


Hypothetical Minimalist Store

You really don’t need much to start your Zero Waste life. In fact, the very idea is that we get out of the consumer trance in which we have been immersed for so long. He invited you to before you buy something please check if you already have it at home. He also invited you to review the materials you are consuming. Try to buy durable and good quality items, preferably made in Mexico to take care of your personal economy and protect our planet. This is a hypothetical store project that I have that I would like to share with you. I will probably start it in the future. s In my store I would share the items that I really needed to acquire. They would be excellent quality products that you would only have to buy once and would last you a lifetime.


Productos de belleza ecológicos

Handmade cosmetics

Where to get products without packaging? I invite you to support the people who offer artisan cosmetics near your home. I buy plain soaps made in Mexico City and have tried a few other solid shampoo brands. I cannot recommend any specific one, I only buy them in bazaars and small shops. I also use normal liquid shampoo that I fill at the local market where they sell beauty products in bulk.