Zero Waste Basics

proyecto cero basura

1 aluminium bottle vs plastics bottels.

Una bolsa de tela contra miles de plástico

Cloth bag vs plastic bag

leche en vidrio vs miles de tetrapacks

Milk in glass versus milk in multilayer packaging

Yes, they have sold us the idea that multilayer packaging gest recycled. In theory, they can be recycled, but the sad reality is that less than 5% is recycled in Mexico, because it is not business model to do it. The alternative: milk in glass, like back in the day.
Un topper contra el unicel

Container vs miles de platos de unicel

If you go out to eat (and unfortunately in Mexico even in some restaurants) it is very common to see the wtyrofoam plate. Carrying a container always with you or when you know you will eat out helps you avoid all that Styrofoam. Styrofoam is a material that does not biodegrade and leaches toxins into your body and the environment.

Básico cero basura: Bolsa de tela contra plástico

Cloth bags to buy on bulk vs plastic

Take your cloth bags and fill them in the supermarket in the bulk area. It’s a lot of fun and it’s usually cheaper than packaged goods. This is one of the basic zero waste.

Fresco contra plastificado

Fresh and natural vs Packaged

Always choose fresh and natural produces, rather than canned and processed. This way you avoid many unnecessary packaging.
Básico Cero Basura: Sin popote por favor

No straw

The best for the planet is not to use straws. Let’s stop acquiring things we don’t need. I don’t use straws anymore and when I have a milkshake I use a spoon. But if you can’t live without a straw, buy one made of some material that will last a lifetime and take care of it.

Digital contra papel

Digital vs paper

Avoid unnecessary printing by making correct use of technology. Cancel the mail to receive your bank accounts, and other services that you can substitute with digital media.

Básico Cero Basura: Duradero contra Desechable

Rechargable batteries vs Disposable batteries.

Swap your disposable batteries for rechargeable batteries. In fact, always try to buy durable and good quality things.