Oficina con filosofía Cero Basura

videoconferencias para una oficina cero basura


We can  join the protection of the climate from our workspace. I invite you to promote a culture low in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in your own workplace. With this, I invite you to use technology appropriately and to use videoconferences instead of air travel to mitigate the Climate Crisis.

Avoid unnecessary flights and protect the climate. 



Waste separation system.

cambia tus vasos de unicel por tazas duraderas
Una bolsa de tela contra miles de plástico

Cloth Bags vs Plastic Bags

How about making life easier for employees by putting a couple of cloth bags for everyone to use? In this way, they will no longer forget their cloth shopping bags at the super or the corner store. Cloth bags for a zero waste office.

Un topper contra el unicel

Containers vs Thousands of Styrofoam plates.

In your office, you can place a set of containers so that everyone can use them and avoid all the Styrofoam that they give you in some restaurants in Mexico. 

Digital contra papel

Digital vs paper

Básico Cero Basura: Duradero contra Desechable

Rechargeable batteries vs disposable batteries

Swap your disposable batteries for rechargeable batteries. In your office, always try to invest in durable and good quality things to protect the economy of your workplace and Protect the Planet.