Zero Waste Higiene

Copa menstrual vs miles de toallas de Tela

Menstrual Cup vs Thousands of Towels

A basic zero waste personal hygiene. Avoid feminine sanitary pads – they may never degrade with the menstrual cup. It has an adaptation period, at first it is difficult to use it. You can combine it with excellent quality cloth towels. If you want to know more, here is a link to an interesting post.

Ratrillo de Seguridad para una Higiene personal Cero Basura


Disposable rakes are virtually impossible to recycle. Instead, choose a safety razor with interchangeable blades that lasts a long time and is made of super recyclable metaland the knives come on paper. Invest in one of the highest quality that will last you a lifetime

Jabones desnudos para una higiene personal cero basura

Package free cosmetics

Choose soaps, deodorant, and solid cosmetics. In this way you support small artisan producers and give the signal to larger companies and entrepreneurs to innovate in their designs.

Zacates para una higiene personal cero basura

Luffas vs plastic sponge

The luffas or grasses are perfect for exfoliating and keeping your skin clean. You can find them in any market. They come from a plant similar to a cucumber. They are a basic for zero waste personal hygiene

Pasta de dientes cero basura


You can make your own toothpaste to avoid all the packaging. My favorite recipe is simply 1 baking soda with 3 coconut oil. Simple, fast and effective.

Cepillo de bamboo cero basura

Bamboo brushes vs normal plastic brushes

Bamboo brushes are perfect to avoid plastic brushes that are practically impossible to recycle. You can also try the avocado pit brush.

Rollos sin empaque cero basura
Bolitas de algodón Cero Basura

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