En este momento estás viendo Inspiring speech for Climate Protection from World Class Researcher Víctor Toledo Manzur.
Planetary Protecction

Inspiring speech for Climate Protection from World Class Researcher Víctor Toledo Manzur.

Today in this morning of may, next to the rainy season, it is my time to introduce myself as the new responsible for the environmental matter in Mexico. Let me tell you that the question of the environmental awareness is only the emergence of Nature, our Mother Earth, the female dimension of humanity, in modern society, as a strength that human beings must take into account and respect to continue our existence, something we must say, is now being forgotten. a strength that human beings must take into account and respect to continue our existence, something we must say, is now being forgotten. 

In fact, nature has been present in the ancestral cultures such a live entity, alive and pure, from its origins 300 000 years ago. It was only with the arrival of the materialist society, technocratic, patriarchal, and focus on the market, that nature became an entity to be dominated and exploited, into a external natural resource, into a natural capital, into a machine, to be analyzed and scudrinated, by the cold eye, objectively cold eye, of a science to the service of the accumulation of wealth. This has been our pattern, this has been past, and this could be our future. 

This environmental consciousness, that everyday, sum up millions and millions of human beings in all the world, allow us to visualize 3 dimensions: First, under the perspective of the ecological the habitual geometry political of right wing and left wing disappears to be replaced by a new and only disjunctive: there is only politics for life and politics against life or towards death. Globally seen, this dilemma, has been translated into politics that cold the climate of the planet and politics that will warm it. As long as time passes by, we will be discovering the thing that is happening with climate change. Or we defend our life or we continue destroying it in name of the market, the technology, economic, growth and a long etc. 

The second thing is that we see the future the continue of progress in a different way, they are not years, decades or presidential rules, now the vision is focused on what will happen here on a key year: 2050. Only 30 years. For this date, humanity will reach 9000 million of habitants. 2000 million more in three decades, oil will reach its end, Half of the countries are using its petrol by 2050 the oil will be over. The following will be the gas, the carbon, the oil, the uranium, Climate change that has not stopped despite the warnings of climate scientist two decades ago, will generate catastrophes of all types, and the food that will be needed will need to be generated under agroecological methods, and not more under the insane and destructive practices of the so called industrial agriculture. 

The third emerges of the past. And that because it forces us to indagate the true nature of the deep strength that create this current scenario and from the upcoming future. And thus, that we are in coincidence with the 4th transformation (Mexican new goverment) Well we are not the human beings responsible this situation of crisis, as remembered by a superficial environmentalism and a-critical science. Rather, the guilty are a minority of minority parasitic and predatory. And that minority has a name: is called neoliberalism. Is well this vision, that under my judgement, must orient the environmental policy of México and its institution. An emergence policy, and restauration and protection that we mexicans require everyday, a fundamental human right: breathing air, pure water for everyone: alternative energy not fossil, Healthy food, healthy habitat, recycling of waste, sustainable houses, but also the urgent actions that will allow stop the transition to this abysses a destiny that will have to face our children and grand children. We will be able to make it thought the Ministry of Environment, I think is possible. And before everything we must remember that the Ministry of the Environment emerged 25 years ago as a measurement that positioned México in global trend to dispose of laws and institutions around the assumption of the environmental trend, a phenomena that coincide with the begging of the neoliberalism around the world, and that in the case of México it has reached dramatic proportions. 

Through the neoliberal governments, that started with joy and advances, started to lose breath, we were stopped, we were unwriting and ended up decomposing, with very low budget and unbelievable corruption acts, in the past sexenia. The Ministry of Environment was not directed by trained public servants, but merchants of the automotive industry, and by a luxury car seller. The Ministry of Environment was taken by that minority of people, predatory and greedy, that today destroys Nature for good part of the country and the World. I refer to the large corporations. In a very unethical act, the ministry of environment and the ministry of Agriculture, were put together in the courts, to stop the legal demand against the arrival of transgenic corn, that a group of 40 citizens have placed 4 years ago. The lost of the corn in Mexico, by genetic pollution, will be the historic breakdown of at least 70000 years. Mexico is today supported by the meso-american civilization, and this cultural framework as it has been signaled by the president is fundamental. We need to rescue the Ministry of the Environment of that inertia, to place it under the service of the Mexican society. We need to promote laws against the fracking, transgenic corn and other crops, for the water for human use, for the defense of the biodiversity, etc. What do we have on side: Lots and lots of people: first of all an anti-neoliberal government sustained by 30 million votes, and a more and more conscious society that conglomerates, a thousand of indigenous communities in resistance, against the predatory projects. What we call here the deep Mexico, there are keys in all around the world to leave the crisis of the modern world, until urban sectors, young people from universities, bar rial resistance, and democratic teachers that I am well aware that they have made efforts to make an ecological consciousness between kids in elementary schools in the country. 

We must make citizens committed of the environmental policy.  The country also has enough talents, experts, and specialist in science to technically fundamental the decisions and actions of Ministry of Environment and to reach a science for sustainability with ethics and environmental awareness.  The last strength and with this I finish, is to practice dialog, just like it has been demonstrated by our president Lopez Obrador in this months. Only the critic and the well auto critic, will mature the Mexican Society. I would like to finally thank from the bottom of my hearth to the president of this country its trustiness and friendship.

Victor Toledo Manzur

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